And you’re doing a great job! Liverpool Christian Church is here to partner with you in all the phases of parenting life, because we “think orange”. You might be asking yourself, “What does ‘think orange’ even mean?” and that’s a really good question. We encourage you to take the next 2 minutes and watch this video. Now that you’re familiar with our “think orange” strategy, keep scrolling for tons of awesome parenting resources! 





Church Center App

Our Kids & Preteen ministry utilizes an easy to use secure check-in system for our Sunday mornings. Download the Church Center app if you would like to check-in prior to arriving Sunday mornings.  Scan your barcode upon arrival and your kids name tags and security tags will print for you.

First Time Guest?


We hope you may find something here that will help you grow in your relationship with God and with your kids. These are resources we use and want to make available to everyone. You can also check out our “Parent Resource” wall located in our lobby.

Family Discovery

Sit down, take a look at your calendar, and choose some time for everyone to get together for some bonding, learning, and fun!

Prayer Calendar

 Each day consists of a prayer prompt. While there are “weekly” themes, if you miss days in between, that’s okay! You can simply pick up where you left off.

Parent Devotional

 Here is a 31 day devotional for you the parent. This devo helps you prioritize your spiritual, mental, and physical health.


As parents, we all have great intentions on having the BIG talks with our kids while they are in our care, but sometimes we just don’t know when to do it or have the right words. That’s where “Conversation Guides” come in! As a church, we want to help you win in the parenting world by giving you the tools to be better with the most important conversations you will ever have with your kids and students.


A discussion about faith looks different at every phase. We wanted to make these phase specific Conversation Guides available to you so when the need arises, you’ll be ready to talk to your child about faith. Click the corresponding links below to access them.


Technology is on an ever-increasing rise, and it’s becoming a greater presence in the lives of children and students. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with your kids and students, get on the same page, and LEARN from each other so you can better parent on this focus topic!

Sexual Integrity

Are we really going to talk about this? If you want your kids to grow up with sexual integrity, then the answer is – YES! That’s why we want you to have these helpful conversation guides for you so you can LEARN what to say (and what not to say) to your kid at each phase along the way.

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