Life Groups



People Pointing People To Jesus

At LCC we don’t want to just be a friendly church, we want to be a family that disciples one another. We want to be people pointing people to Jesus. Lifegroups are how we get that done!

What is a Lifegroup?
Living out the Word of Jesus with others.
Inspiring others to point people to Jesus.
Fostering love in the community.
Encouraging each other.

Lifegroups at LCC are small groups of people that gather once a week to hang out, talk, laugh, and study the Bible together. We know that becoming a disciple of Jesus is crucial to maturing as Christians, and Lifegroups is the most natural way to have that happen.

LifeGroups happen church wide twice a year.
In between LifeGroups we offer other classes, Men's Ministry Events, and Women's Ministry events.

Who can join a Lifegroup and how do I sign up?
Anyone can join, just choose a group or time that works for you.

If you have any questions or are interested in hosting a Lifegroup please email our lead minister waYne waGner to find out more.

Our men's and women's ministries gather during the off times of LifeGroups. You can find more information about either groups through their facebook group pages.



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