A churchy word with great meaning

It is here; you can see it all around you: holiday sales in every store, songs on the radio, lights being hung all around. So how do we make sure we keep Christ at the center of this Christmas season?

Advent is a beautiful way to be intentional as we walk through this busy, festive time of year. The intention of advent is to interrupt our busy schedules and make space for us to prepare our hearts for the true meaning of Christmas and allows us to check out the stature of our hearts. Advent means “coming” or “arrival” and preparation to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ.

Click the image below for a downloadable weekly devotional to prepare us for Christmas. Each week, as a family, try to do a fun adventure followed by reading the devotional. It's that easy!!


Week of December 3rd

Adventure: Have each family member draw and color a Christmas Tree! The most silly wins!!
Read: Advent Hope


Week of December 10th

Adventure: Go to your favorite store or restaurant and see who can point out the most Christmas decorations.
Read: Advent Peace


Week of December 17th

Adventure: Have everyone draw out the Nativity Scene by memory!! Alternative is google funny nativity scenes and pick your favorite.
Read: Advent Joy


Week of December 24th

Adventure: Drive to a neighborhood with Christmas lights while listening to your favorite worship songs!
Read: Advent Love