Get Involved

At Liverpool Christian Church everyone is a minister. We believe that God has gifted each person individually so that the entire Church and community can benefit. That is why we feel that knowing your “Spiritual Gifts” is so important. Simply put, a Spiritual Gift is unique to you from God. It is how you were wired.

You can find a great tool to help determine your gifts by taking this Spiritual Gifts Assessment. Once you have completed the Spiritual Gifts Assessment you can share your results with one of our staff members. They can help you find a team to get involved.

It takes many hands to keep the Liverpool Family running. Below is a list of the many different ministries where faithful servants are needed.

-Worship Arts Team

-Children's Ministry

-Youth Ministry

-Prayer Team

-Communion Prep Team

-Hospitality Team

-Greeting Team

-Building & Grounds Team

-Graphic Design Team

-GOLD Team

Where do you fit in? If you have a talent or ability that is not listed,
please let us know!